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Cat lady. Coffee enthusiast. Baker. Chronic traveler.


A sweet solution

I recently moved into a tiny flat, and naturally, I wanted to host a housewarming party. After a couple of minutes of thinking about it, I pictured with horror my studio at full capacity: an entire five people bumping elbows and struggling to move around, while my poor cat would be attempting to navigate through a rough sea of uncoordinated legs. It would be chaos or so I told myself.

Photo by GoaShape on Unsplash

Instead of traumatizing my friends and my elderly meowing companion, I chose to go for something a little more low key and turned my idea of a parapetówka (how housewarming parties are called here in Poland) into a session of alfajores and coffee. …

Joe. Java. Kawa. Café. Arabica. Robusta. Brazil. Colombia. Ethiopia. Fika.

These are all words we associate with coffee. The second most popular drink in the world and the brew that makes it go round. But can it also mean more than that? Could it ever become a bridge between people?

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I have to admit that most of my favorite memories have something to do with coffee and food. Growing up, my mom used to call our kitchen “the office.” Why? you may ask. …

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